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美国II-VI贰陆聚焦镜片定制批发 Custom wholesale of II-VI focus lenses in the United States

CO2激光聚焦镜被广泛用于激光加工( 切割、打孔、悍接、雕刻等)和各种激光系统中。针对市场需要,公司所生产的月牙聚焦镜镜的特点是:能承高的率密度,膜层空固:耐控试,德双面增透膜后的诱过蕴细等。

II-VI focus lenses


美国贰陆公司是全球最大的激光镜片制造商,其全面生产医疗及工业加工用的激光镜片,为世界众多激光设备制造商和最终用户提供最佳的镜片搭配。除了众所周知的红外CO2激光镜片,)如透镜,反射镜,窗口镜,输出镜,偏振镜,多聚焦透镜(如双聚焦点、三聚焦点等,扩束镜等外,还提供各种优质红外原材料如CVD气相沉淀的ZnSe, ZnS(常规级及多光谱级)原材料。II-VI生长的CdTe,CdZnTe和CdTeZn及其加工后的器件则广泛地应用于高能辐射探测领域和工业灌溉业,石油传输检测及医疗检测领域

贰陆公司在佛罗里达的VLOC子公司,则生产高品质的Nd:Yag晶体和其他大直径氧化物晶体,并进行晶体的抛光和镀膜 为了支持中国激光事业的发展,服务于中国客户,方便中国用户了解II-VI产品,美国贰陆公司于1996年在中国苏州工业园区建立自己的子公司—贰陆光学(苏州)有限公司 II-VI公司不生产激光器,但是他会让你的激光器表现更为卓越。

正品美国二六聚焦镜 II-VI透镜 贰陆CO2进口激光镜片雕刻机切割机


直径: 38.1mm    焦距: 5英寸或7.5英寸

适用机器品牌大族团结,领创,罗芬,通快,百超,建议用全进口的。 厚度可以根据您的需要提供,价格稍有差异。





II-VI focus lenses

CO2 laser focusing mirrors are widely used in laser processing (cutting, drilling, welding, engraving, etc.) and various laser systems. According to market needs, the characteristics of the crescent focusing mirrors produced by the company are: high power density, empty solid film layer, resistance to control tests, and fine induction after double-sided anti-reflection coatings.

II-VI Company Profile

II-VI is the world's largest manufacturer of laser lenses. It produces laser lenses for medical and industrial processing in an all-round way, and provides the best lens matching for many laser equipment manufacturers and end users in the world. In addition to the well-known infrared CO2 laser lenses,) such as lenses, reflectors, window mirrors, output mirrors, polarizers, multi-focus lenses (such as double focus points, triple focus points, etc., beam expanders, etc., also provide a variety of high-quality infrared Raw materials such as CVD vapor deposited ZnSe, ZnS (conventional grade and multi-spectral grade) raw materials. II-VI grown CdTe, CdZnTe and CdTeZn and their processed devices are widely used in the field of high-energy radiation detection and industrial irrigation, petroleum Transmission detection and medical detection field

II-VI's VLOC subsidiary in Florida produces high-quality Nd:Yag crystals and other large-diameter oxide crystals, and performs crystal polishing and coating. In order to support the development of China's laser industry, serve Chinese customers and facilitate Chinese users To understand II-VI products, II-VI Corporation of the United States established its own subsidiary in Suzhou Industrial Park, China in 1996——II-VI Optics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. II-VI does not produce lasers, but it will make your lasers perform better excellence.

Genuine American 26 focusing mirror ⅡⅥ lens 26 CO2 imported laser lens engraving machine cutting machine

II-VI High Power Laser Focusing Mirror

Diameter: 38.1mm Focal Length: 5 inches or 7.5 inches

Applicable machine brands Han's United, Leading, Luofen, Trumpf, Bystronic, it is recommended to use all imported ones. The thickness can be provided according to your needs, and the price is slightly different.

DXOVO Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011 and has more than 10 years of experience in the production of optical components. Source manufacturers, many domestic and foreign optical counterparts have cooperated with us.

Our lens processing capacity: 2MM-500MM caliber, polishing ability: the lens surface can be 1/10λ, the plane surface can be 1/20λ, and the dimensional tolerance can be +/-0.01mm.

Our advantages: quotations can be made within 2-12 hours, good quality, easy communication, and after-sales service to the end! !

Product range: all kinds of glass ball lenses, cylindrical lenses, windows, filters, prisms, mirrors, etc.

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